Biewer Yorkshire Terrier à la Pom Pon

The origin of Biewer Yorkshire Terriers

The Biewer Yorkshire Terrier a la Pom Pon is a breed of dog that was originally developed in Germany: More than 30 years (1984) appeared in a purebred Yorkshire litter of Biewer family by a gene mutation puppies, whose fur had white spots. These dogs looked very pretty, and had it therefore been decided to selectively breed those type of dogs. It have been thus developed distinctive dogs with stable inheritance, named after their first breeders (Biewer). The suffix "Pom pon" (in French "ball" or "bobble") is a term of the appearance of this cute dog.

The Standard Biewer Yorkshire Terrier a la Pom Pon: The Biewer terrier has a long, rich coat. The head is small and rather flat. He has a short muzzle and a black nose. The Eyes are of medium size and dark with an intelligent expression. The ears are small and V-shaped. The neck is short and not very strong. The hull of the Biewers is very compact with a straight topline and well shaped lumbar region. The limbs are straight and very filling covered with hair. The Biewer Yorkshire has rounded paws. The tail has abundant hair. The hair on the body is medium long, smooth with silky shine. The top color is white-blue-gold colored. The outer coat is blue and white with no gold in the outer coat. The legs, belly and chest hair are white. The size and weight are at somewhat of up to 22 cm at about 3.1 kg.

The biggest difference to a Yorkshire Terrier is the third color: The Biewer Yorkshires are black, gold and white.

Nature and characteristics of the Biewer Yorkshire Terrier

Biewer Yorkies are very intelligent, lively and clever little dogs with a balanced nature. They bring their masters a lot of love and affection and are at the same time also very brave. The Biewer is very adaptable and feels well both in a city apartment, as well as in a house with a garden. Biewers love to hug and cuddle and still have plenty of elegance.

Care of the Biewer Yorkshire Terrier

Biewers are very adaptable easy to train. However, the hair care is intense: Daily combing and brushing is important to maintain the beautiful, silky fur. Regular bathing, at best every two weeks or more often. There are also special shampoos for Biewers.

Biewer Yorkshire Terrier

Charly Blue is a Biewer-Yorkshire, but he is also often called a Biewer Terrier, Biewer Yorkshire Terrier, or Biewer Yorkshire Terrier à la Pom Pon.


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